Truck polishing with AUTOSOL

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A well cared for company car is the calling card of your company. Brushing your truck regularly is therefore important. Autosol is increasingly being used for cleaning truck parts.

Remove scratches from Plexiglas / acrylic

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Polishing dull headlights and making them clear again

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Polishing headlights. Brush dull headlights and make them clear again with a polishing paste. Important for your own safety and save money.

Steel wool photography. Lightpainting with steel wool

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Steel wool photography or light painting with steel wool can yield spectacular photos. What do you need and how can you get started?

Cleaning a glass pane with steel wool

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Cleaning a glass pane with steel wool is quick, easy, environmentally friendly and economical.

Steel wool against mice, rats and other rodents

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Problems with mice, rats and other rodents in your house? Use stainless steel steel wool to close these gaps and keep vermin out.

How to clean and polish pressed metal panels

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Tips for cleaning and preservation to help the as-new appearance of your pressed metal panels indefinitely - without much effort.

45 applications for Autosol Metal Polish

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45 application examples to use Autosol Metal Polish for vehicles (ideal for cars, motorbikes, boats and airplanes) but also for home, industrial and military use.

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