Remove scratches from Plexiglas / acrylic
29 Nov

Remove scratches from Plexiglas / acrylic

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Autosol Acrylic Polish
€ 12.95 Ex Tax: € 10.70

Acrylic Polish is a specialized product to remove scratches from acrylic surfaces as from: Cars, camping vehicles, Motorbikes, Scooters, Boats etc...

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Autosol Scratch remover
€ 8.95 Ex Tax: € 7.40

Autosol Scratch Remover for plastic glas surfaces, for instance rear windows of convertibles, motorcycle helmet visors, displays of mobile phones, watch glasses, airplane windows, and vessel windows. Also removes very light scratches on painted surfaces.Removes grime and fine scratches. It leaves behind a shiny preserving film which provides protection from weather conditions...

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