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The packing of these Autosol products has recently been changed. So here is your chance to score some Autosol products with a nice discount!

Polish & Wax 75 ml
€ 8.95€ 5.50 Ex Tax: € 4.55

Cleaning and care product for paintwork that is subjected to heavy wear and agei..

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Wheel Cleaner paste
€ 6.95€ 4.95 Ex Tax: € 4.09

Concentrated acid-free cleaner for quick removal of oxidation, brake dust and ro..

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Wheel Cleaner High Performance 360°
€ 12.95€ 9.95 Ex Tax: € 8.22

Autosol Wheel Cleaner High Performance 360° easily removes even stubborn dirt su..

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Engine Cleaning Foam
€ 7.95€ 4.95 Ex Tax: € 4.09

Engine Cleaning Foam with Active Foam is the simple solution in an aerosol can..

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Autosol Combi-Oil
€ 7.95€ 4.95 Ex Tax: € 4.09

Protects all metals against corrosion. Preventing short circuits by condensation..

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Windscreen Defrost
€ 8.75€ 5.95 Ex Tax: € 4.92

This defroster quickly removes ice from your windshield. Not harmful to paint, r..

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Autosol Display Polish
€ 5.94€ 3.95 Ex Tax: € 3.26

Autosol Display Polish removes fine scratches from telephone and MP3 displays. T..

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Water Line Cleaner Extra
€ 12.95€ 8.95 Ex Tax: € 7.40

Particularly strong cleaning agent for very discoloured boat surfaces and for pa..

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